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Ropes, Tapes & Textiles

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Ropes, Tapes & Textiles

Glass Ropes, Tapes & Textiles

We provide a range of high temperature glass fibre seals.
Our glass seals are suitable for operation in temperatures of up to 600C. Compression and density can be varied to suit the high temperature applications.

Glass fibres are supplied on reels, fabricated to make ‘o’ rings or cut to customer specific lengths. All ropes are available in both Black and White.

Glass Tapes and Ladder Tapes:

We offer a full range of high temperature glass tapes and ladder tapes. They are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses and come in white or grey/black and without self-adhesive backings, plain glass tape or ladder tape section.

All our glass tapes and ladder tapes are suitable for operation in high temperature up to 600°C.
Glass tapes and ladder tapes are on reels or cut to customer specific lengths.

Ceramic Ropes, Tapes & Textiles
IMS are able to supply a wide variety of textiles, ropes & tapes. A wide variety of textiles are produced either by converting ceramic blanket or by processing ceramic fibre yarn into woven products.

Ceramic fibre textiles are suitable for use at elevated temperatures approaching 1400oC, maintaining flexibility for use in thermal sealing and filling applications in areas such as door seals, expansion joints and gland packings.


Yarn is manufactured from ceramic fibre. This yarn is the base of all the ceramic textile range of products. The yarn is reinforced with either a glass filament or a fine inconel wire.


Cloth is woven from a glass or inconel wire reinforced yarn.


Webbing is woven from either glass or Inconel wire reinforced ceramic yarn.

Cabled Rope

Low density cabled roving rope is manufactured from ceramic rope which is glass filament reinforced. It is composed of 3 pre-twisted strands each containing a predetermined multiple of ceramic yarns which are twisted together to form a flexible, low density rope.

Twisted Rope

Twisted Rope consists of a multiple of ceramic yarn strands which can be either glass filament or inconel wire reinforced. They are twisted together to give the required final product diameter. This gives a soft rope product that is relatively easily compressed and is particularly suitable as a seal between uneven surfaces.

Ladder Tape

Ladder Tape is woven from either glass or inconel wire reinforced ceramic yarn. It has a similar weave to cloth on the outer edges, but an open weave in the centre allowing for ease of installation over studs. It is ideal as a gasketing material.

Rope Lagging

Rope Lagging consists of a strip of ceramic blanket that is overbraided with a glass yarn. This produces a highly insulating rope product of medium density, which is also compressible and flexible. As an alternative, this product could also be overbraided with either a cotton yarn or a fine inconel wire.



– Wood-Burning
– Multi-fuel
– Pellet Stoves
– Gas Fires
– Boiler casings
– Heat exchanges
– Flue systems
– Ash pans
– Burner Mounting assemblies.
– lange sealing on hot air and gas ducting
– Boiler access and inspection doors
– Heat Exchangers
– Primary and secondary insulation of pipework
– Heating appliance glass window seals



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