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Skamolex Gold

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Skamolex Gold

Skamolex Gold is a 1st Class lining solution for stoves and fireplaces. It has been developed for anyone who refuses to compromise on quality and who demands nothing less than a perfect finish.

Its unique, high strength makes it the ideal lining panel, as it is very easy to work with. At the same time, it provides a unique and durable solution that maintains its high strength through countless firings. If further processed, it opens up a whole world of design possibilities- leaving completely clean-cut edges and a non-crumbling surface.

A Flexible Solution

Skamolex Gold not only offers great flexibility within the product itself, the high degree of flexibility is also evident in the delivery phase. Skamolex Gold can be ordered as standard boards, to specific measurement or as processed boards with customer specific designs and ready for use.




– Firm and non-crumbling finish with sharp edges
– Allows for a great degree of detail in the finished design
– Can be ordered in a wide variety of dimensions & in customer bespoke design
– Easy to process
– Improves combustion of the stove.


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